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Thursday, September 2, 2010

My Last Post for a While...My Reasons!

Ok, I've posted the Winner of my Tube Contest and now I'm going to explain some things of why I won't be back on here much for a while.

I've closed my PSP Group down, during this process also...My Husband lost his job, back in January...but before that we were on a trial loan modification here...That OBAMA thing...we were making payments that were lowered alot..not a problem...they kept sending us over and over, papers to filled out...we filled them out over and over...our response was, either they didn't receive them or they need more information...Several times we filled them out...Our Mortgage Company is EMC/JP Morgan Chase...ok...over an over we send them, calling them if they received them...everytime we would call, we would get different responses...Even with him layed off from work, he was still able to draw unemployment...then he found another job in May...Ok...we still talked to EMC, and filled out another set of papers and sent them this time Certified Mail/Signature Confirmation....we payed alot to do this so we would KNOW they received them...here is the FUNNY part. Remember this is the Obama, Home Modification thing to help homeowners, cause of this big BUBBLE in housing in the USA...

When we called to see if they received the last forms, we checked the tracking and sure enough they received them and signed for them.....well now they tell us, they can't help us...our house is being foreclosed on...OK....why, we have DONE EVERYTHING they asked of us....we gave everything, except a limb or blood....well it feels like right now we did...cause it hurts....they tell us, that we are 22 MONTHS behind on our Mortgage....FIRST THING is they are WRONG....how the HELL are we 22 months behind....YOU WANNA KNOW WHY?.....cause of us being on that DAMN Trial over and over for many months, for the Home Loan Modification thing, that OBAMA was saying was going to help us....YEAK F*C**NG RIGHT!! What it does, is put you WAY BEHIND...EMC was saying we would have to come up with $7,000 to keep our house going in Foreclosure....HOW THE HELL AM I GOING TO DO THAT???

Well, they wouldn't talk to us.....well the Company that lent us the money for our loan, Long Beach Mortgage Company supposed had it back...this is where you get lost....cause we sure are....We send our payments in to EMC...but before that we sent them in to Washington Mutual, this long beach we have no idea...Well anyways....This Long Beach, supposed to put a Sale Date: Wed, 18 Aug 2010 for our house....In TN....there are rules to follow...1st:they have to post in something like a newspaper 3 times, send you a 21 day notice....we we haven't seen any of those, and we do alot of research....NOTHING NADA!! Nothing in the papers, nothing in the Foreclosures sections in papers....cause when they file for the Foreclosure you have to do it at the County Office of Deeds, and nothing....then we get this Realtor coming to our house saying our house was sold back to the bank....well show us proof, no what he wants us to do is sign papers, to surrender the house, for a MEASLY $1,500 what is Called CASH FOR KEYS...too much MUMBO JUMBO Lawyer crap to understand what the papers are saying....for all we know...they want us to sign them to take our house....he has become demanding, calling day after day, morning, evening....to get us to sign these papers....Fear Mongering us, trying to say this and that....First he is going to have to understand we won't sign them UNTIL we know our RIGHTS! And we are in the USA and we have RIGHTS...DON'T WE?? Sometimes I really wonder!!

Well Get this, Yesterday we get a Phone Call from EMC, saying please call them back about the Loan Modification that they need one paper for us to fill out.....We call them back....they have no idea, that the House was SUPPOSSEDLY SOLD!!! Or was it?!?!? We don't know....we can't find Shit about it, we type in our Address and get NOTHING for it...we get houses around us but not our house....What the crap is going on...First does this so called Bank have the "ORIGINAL CERTIFIED NOTE?" I Doubt it....but they are going to have to come up with it...cause I wanna see it...I bet they can't come up with it....not a copy, or something that says it is.....I WANT TO SEE THE ORIGINAL.....So this is what is going on here at my home.....But after reading this, do some research on this Scam they call the Loan Modification on a home....and Cash for Keys.....you will be surprised in reading things that are going on with alot of Foreclosures....it is something to Prey on us and not give a shit, is they throw people out on the streets...but we are going to give them a run for their money....

Renting is another story, we have been looking to look...First Credit Check, and we own animals....they are our children...I will never let them go....We can't find crap in our area, cause legally me and Dusty aren't Married by the Government's Standpoint...and too many SO CALLED CHRISTIANS that want to look down on us, cause we aren't.....but going on 9 years we are in our eyes....but something he has on him from 12 yrs ago is keeping us from finding a place..he walked out on a lease....and people are too damn nosing in wanting to know why we are moving if we own or rent already..We've been here almost 5 years, and a place before that almost 3..we do pay our stuff.We dont have Credit Card Debt, we don't own them..We don't have Cars making payments, we own our cars...they are payed off..1990's..We don't use Cell Phones, another monthly bill we don't have...So we aren't in debt...I don't own this house, Dusty does....we got it together...but i didnt put my name on the deed....some have asked, why are we leaving the house...when we tell them..they don't want to do business...NOW...where are we to go...if the shit hits the fan? We will be living on the streets, with a ton of stuff, my son and our cats.

Thanks for listening and I hope to be back soon with things


JK said...

Hon, I know what you are dealing with. We are going through something similar with Wells Fargo. People don't know their ass from a hole in the ground. Hubs was laid off, we got behind. He finally found a semi-decent paying job (he had to take a $30,000 cut in pay) and tried for that loan modification and they gave us nothing but the run-around. (Frankly after reading what you have been dealing with, in a way I'm glad they did). Then I found out my house was on the auction block! They had no intention of helping us, they figured they could sell the house. I'll leave my words about Obama and what I think of that fool to myself. Anyway, they wanted to play hardball and take our home? We threw the ball right back at them. We filed Chapter 13 which put a stop to them auctioning off my home. We worked too long and too hard for this house, and I'll be damned if I am going to let these idiots take my home without a fight. I'm tired of being the minority in my own country. The only ones that get any rights are those that come here illegally or wish to do this country and her people harm.

I wish you the best hon, and hope that a door opens somewhere. Be upfront with the landlords and tell them what you have been going through (my friend did that and they gave her the place). We are not alone in this, there are thousands that have been dealing with it, and in the same friggin boat.

All my best to you and your family.

Terri aka WitchysHeart said...

Thanks JK....Yes I know, it is everywhere and it is SAD how they are getting away with this....the AMERICAN DREAM my rearend!!! The AMERICAN DREAM for everyone else that comes here illegally and can get money to open a business and then can bring their families here illegally....My Family has Cherokee in them on both sides, yes I'm a white girl...but most of my family from way back when, I'm sure came in to Ellis Island or some other port...Today, we get another Letter from EMC about the Loan Modification....How damn freaking times do they want us to fill it out? Is our house gone or what? We don't know...but we aren't giving up.


CMSD197645 said...

OMG!! That's too terrible!! I wish you shouldn't live on street with your family!! I can't believe they won't able to help you out with your family!! Hope they can sorted out if they can.

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